Welcome To Bur

Bur Guild is a Maelstrom Guild looking for casual and serious players.  We are looking for serious raiders and pvpers to add to our family.  We truly strive to keep the guild as social as possible and to encourage all guildies to support each other as much as possible.  Currently we are putting together an A Team for both PVP and PVE. If you are interested please enter you info into your public note.  Thank You


What is Bur's main goal?

Other than killing alliance we plan on focusing are time in leveling, world PVE & PVP, PVP Groups and Raid Groups.


I just joined Bur what do i need to know?


Add your PVP and PVE ilvl

We expect all serious members to add there ilvl, spec, class, and pvp or pve or both.  For example your public note should look like this  ( ex. 550/540 | Disc | Priest | PVE+P) This toon would be participating in both pvp and pve.  You will be promoted if item ilvl exceeds 496.  If your a casual player and do not wish to participate in guild activities leave the public note n/a. 


My Rank

We use rank to organize guildies in categories of what they plan on doing.  The higher rank Bur family must participate in both pvp and pve activities.  Leaders will be promoted on knowledge and leader abilities.  All players become part of the Bur Family and all rank must obey higher rank generals.  For this guild will be based upon votes, comments and all criticism will be voiced.  We will strive to appoint strong leaders and will not give up regardless the situation.  we will promote whoever is the hungriest to prevail in this long battle.


Timeless Isle World Boss Group

We will need a group for Timeless Isle bosses and would encourage entire guild to work on there legendary quest.


PVE Group

We need more serious raiders for flex and more.  We Currently are looking for more Tanks, DPS and Healers. Group A is almost complete.


PVP Group

We need more serious PVPers for guild battlegrounds and Arena team match ups.


Guild Lottery

Every week we have a guild lottery on Friday.  It works like 50/50, Pick a number from 1-100 and send it to General Rocson.  First number is free and every other number cost 1 gold.  You may purchase up to 10 numbers.  Thanks for playing and good luck


Guild Heroic Runs

  If you need help running level 90 heroics we will have a healer or tank available for guild runs.  Please Sign up on calendar.




Updates, Achievements and Activities will be listed below.  The most current on top.